c(f)ipo_07 : interactive wearable surface

1st layer: plastic net

2 microcomputers (rcx robotic mindstorms)
4 touch sensors
1 sound sensor
2 light sensors
7 motors with led

2st layer: synthetic textile

Clothes are layers which interact with the bodies, form active surfaces which are rumpled, worn and torn, torn apart, dirtied, bagged, stretched; they react with our body and the places we come across.
They are infused with smells and take up alternative, sequential, time-based forms in the everyday wear.
The clothes are surfaces which envelop our body, cover part of our ‘’sensory’’ skin, letting us in the environment with ‘’hidden receivers’’.

The idea to complete and extend these ‘’open inputs’’ of information of the body which are covered from the clothes, leads to the modification of the surfaces (of the clothes), in a way that they become more ‘’open’’, active and interactive towards sounds and contacts with the environment.
c(f)ipo_07 can be activated, transforming its shape and form locally, using these surfaces as extensions to the body.